Parent-Child Letterland Phonics Class

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What is Letterland?

Letterland is a unique, voice-based method that teaches reading, writing and spelling for children aged 3-8. Letterland characters convert pure black letter shapes into hieroglyphs that children prefer, and they all live in a fictional place called Letterland.
Simple stories about Letterland characters explain various dull phonetic backgrounds, so that children are motivated to listen, think and learn. The purpose of these stories is to explain the sounds and shapes of the letters so that children can quickly develop into words, reading and writing.

Why choose Letterland?

Learning mode for children
Letterland makes full use of children's imagination to make learning fun and easy to remember. Just start saying any Letterlanders name to get the correct letter pronunciation.

Take dynamic learning
Letterland uses actions that connect to letters, thereby establishing a strong connection between action, letter shape, and sound.

Beyond ABC
Letterland covers 150 spelling modes from single letter recognition to the construction of all 44 sounds heard in English.

Synthesized speech
"Synthetic speech" refers to mixing sounds together to form words. Letterland also provides comprehensive support for explaining the sound changes associated with different spelling modes.

With research support
With the support of scientific research, the use of roles and actions to teach pronunciation is consistent with research on memory and our learning style.

The effectiveness of Letterland
In more than 111 countries/regions, Letterland has been successfully helping children read, write and spell for 45 years.

Teaching content

Parent-child Preschool Course
Letterland early childhood teaching level provides children with a solid foundation for learning reading, writing and spelling.

• The actions of each letter
• Songs and rhymes
• Activity for each letter
•Speaking and listening
• Vocabulary development
•Pinyin words
• Voice awareness

Learning range
•Letterland distinguish a-z
• Letter pronunciation and shape a-z
•Uppercase A-Z
•Long vowels a,e,i,o,u

Parent-child advanced course
The course covers the basic spelling patterns of all 44 sounds in English and includes various interactive teaching resources.

• Fast track a-z
• Spelling
• Segmentation
•Long vowel
• Compound and triad
•R sound-control compound sound
•High-frequency words

Learning range
• Fast track (or less than 6 weeks!): a-z, A-Z
•Word formation: a, e, i, o, u, ck, ng, sh, ch, th, ph, -ff, -ll, all, wh
• Consonant mixes: sc, sk, sm, sn, sp, st, sw, bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl, br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr
•Long vowels: a_e, ai, ay, e_e, ee, ea, i_e, ie, y, igh, o_e, oa, ow, u_e, oo
•More complex and triads: ar, or, ir, ur, er, igh, oo, u, aw, au, ew, ow, ou, oy, oi, air, ear