Business English Class

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Business English
This course will help you develop the language needed for effective communication in the workplace. The course aims to provide the practical skills and communication skills required to succeed in an English-speaking international business environment, allowing you to express confidence in general business and professional meetings.

Course level
Intermediate to advanced

Course content
This course improves your performance in the field of international business:
• Teach how to use English in a business environment
• Learn a variety of work-related topics, such as: arranging meetings, answering calls, writing letters, e-commerce, negotiations, etc.
• Train key language skills and cross-cultural communication skills through case practice in a business context
• Stimulate creative thinking and analytical skills by dealing with daily work situations

Course features
• All foreign teachers teach, allowing students to learn foreign accents while learning
• Learn online and interact with teachers in a safe and comfortable environment
• Group teaching mode (2-8 people), so that each student has more opportunities to speak

Course results
After completing this course, you can expect:
• Express opinions in English more confidently on phone calls and video conferences
• Discuss a wide range of topics
• Write accurate business correspondence
• Improve vocabulary and grammar
• Participate in professional meetings and discussions
• Effective negotiation