1. How does Ai-Learn work?

Ai-Learn offers students to connect and learn online with tutors all over the globe. Thanks to the development of technology, learning now is not limited by geographical location and time. You can literally learn any time and any place which is most convenient to you. You can simply pick the subject you want to learn and select your class. Within 24 hours, we will contact you to schedule the first session. 

2. What are the qualifications of the tutors?

Most of the tutors have bachelor degrees or above, some with education related majors and professional teaching qualifications. The subjects they teach are what they are proficient in. Our tutors are carefully selected who have various teaching experience and styles. They are passionate in not only teaching the knowledge but also sharing their skills; some made teaching as their life-long career. You could know more about a particular tutor by clicking in to view his/her profile (here). 

3. How do I enroll in the class?

After reviewing the tutor's profile (here) and you would like to start taking online class from him/her, you can then decide the number of hours you want to take per session, with 1 hour the minimum. If you find the tutor suitable for you and decide to continue with the tutor, you can continue to book the same tutor on our website.  

4. What if my class becomes unavailable after payment?

Though we always update our classes' availability, there are possibilities that classes get booked simultaneously which make them unavailable. In such case, we will try to arrange another time-slot for you or refund fully to you immediately. 

5. Do I need to make any commitment for the class?

You have the full right to terminate the class when either your short-term goal or long-term goal is fulfilled. We recommend you to set realistic goals because sometimes clients expect too much and too fast about the learning progress. As you already know, learning really takes some time to see great improvements especially if you want to apply them in practice.