Online Tutors

Job Description:
Ai-Learn is an online learning platform that connects students with tutors without physical boundaries. Global citizens are no longer bounded by geographical locations to be able to learn at anytime and from anywhere.

We arrange one-on-one or small group tuition.

We are looking for online tutors to offer tutoring services to our clients. The working place is online so you could just stay safely at home to work. If you are interested in either building up a teaching career or earning extra pocket money, Ai-Learn is a good option for you.

Anyone who would like to teach their expertise in languages, other academic subjects or even interest classes is welcomed. Some experience in teaching is preferred but not a must.

Passionate teachers are the most successful ones in the field!

Welcome to join us now.

Job Requirements:

  • Lesson materials need to be tailor-made for each student.
  • Provide high quality lessons to our clients.
  • Love teaching.

Job Type:

Freelance/ Part-time

Application Method:

Applicants please send your resume to: